What Makes The Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain So Popular?

What Makes The Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain So Popular?

The Sunset Sherbet strain was originally created by the Cookies Family, by accident. While a room full of the original Cookies was flowering, a rogue Pink Panties male polenated the entire room of cookies while the grow room was left unattended for a weekend. When the growers returned, they found out what happened and just decided to let the plants take their course, and the result was history. Sunset Sherbet is popular because of its combinations of jar appeal, aroma, and effects. 

Sunset Sherbet is a heavy cross between the original GSC and Pink Panties. It’s a dark green flower with a dense triangular grow structure. It has a unique sour and sweet aromas, like sour earthy gas and vanilla extract. The flowers have a dense layer of white trichomes covering the purple and green highlights that shine through any bag or jar. 

The best representation of this strain on the menu is Willie’s Reserve Sunset Sherbet. This brand pays homage to the legendary stoner musician with fantastic $40 eighths of cannabis. Northwest Cannabis Solutions has Sunset Sherbet concentrate for just $15 per gram, a great budget option to experience a wonderful terpene profile.

Sunset Sherbet is not a productive strain. It is a heavy introspective type high that gives elevates your mood and gives you the giggles. Artists will have a good time brainstorming new projects while under the influence of Sunset Sherbet.

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What Makes The Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain So Popular?



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