Stop By Sharps Roast House In Seatac After A Long Flight

Stop By Sharps Roast House In Seatac After A Long Flight

Sharps Roast House is a restaurant backed by generations of food and hospitality service experience. Merrisa Firnstahl-Claridge’s great great grandfather migrated from Austria to Colby, Wisconsin to become a master cheddar maker. Claridge’s grandfather came to Seattle to create the Sunny Jim Peanut Butter Company, and her father remained in the food industry as a restauranteur; starting places like Jakes, McRorys, Leschi, The Roaster, and Von’s.

Sharps Roast House specializes in applewood roasting; which is done with the 25-foot custom radiant roaster. This is the centerpiece of Sharps success and has helped them become one of the highest rated establishments on the internet, and made them a Seatac staple for the last 25 years. Sharps Roast House features an in-house spirits alchemist; a specialty drink maker and bartender that creates one-of-a-kind cocktails with specialty liquor only found at Sharps.

Sharp’s has weekday lunch, dinner, and drink menus. You can make dinner reservations for entire parties in Sharp’s private dining room or the Bent Prop Pub; a chill back bar that features awesome drink specials like $3.75 martinis and Manhattans.  Sharps Roast House is open seven days a week; closing at midnight at the earliest.

Stop by The Joint Seatac after dinner to restock your head stash; try a Green Revolution snickerdoodle cookie for dessert. These one serving cookies are sweet, soft, and feature 10-milligrams of THC and 10-milligrams of CBD.


Check Out Sharps Roast House For Comfort Food In Seatac

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If you’re a registered medical cannabis patient, the limits are:
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