Learn More About Why People Are Using Quartz Inserts

Learn More About Why People Are Using Quartz Inserts

Quartz inserts are a clever way to preload concentrates in quartz buckets for easy low-temperature dabs that save expensive quartz bangers. Many types of quartz are extremely high quality and cost as much money as some dab rigs do. Quave Club Bangers are a type of craft quartz banger made in Seattle. Craft quartz is more expensive, but has better heat retention qualities and has a much longer lifespan when treated correctly.

Quartz inserts are little buckets placed inside of heated nail, slowing the vaporizing process and adding a protective layer of quartz from your expensive nail. Once the insert cools down and is removed, the banger remains spotless. The insert can be safely and easily cleaned when it cools down.

Quartz inserts also have the benefit of increasing the effectiveness of low-temperature dabs. Inserts can be preloaded with concentrates and placed into the bucket before the nail is heated. Heat retention is increased with this method. Inserts can be used in a preheated nail as well, both ways accomplish the same goal, but everyone has their preferred method.

Live resin is a great type of concentrate to use with quartz inserts because the high terpene content will have an extra layer of protection around it.

Live Resin Concentrate Recommendations For Quartz Inserts

Lavender – Oil Tycoon | Super Skunk – Oleum Extracts | Glue Terp Batter – Seattle Private Reserve | Lemon G Loud Resin – Refine Seattle

Learn More About Why People Are Using Quartz Inserts

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