Myrcene Is A Terpene That Is Associated With Mangos And Indica Strains

Myrcene Is A Terpene That Is Associated With Mangos And Cloves

Myrcene is characterized as having tropical and fruity aromas that people relate to mango.  It can also smell like something more spicy, closer to cloves. Myrcene features a wide spectrum of flavors and effects which make it one of the most interesting terpenes that are commonly found in cannabis.

Consumer-based cannabis knowledge has greatly changed since the introduction of terpenes to the common stoner. Terpenes have only been common in the cannabis lexicon for four or five years and the information around the natural oils is exploding. Many brands include terpene percentages and terpene profiles on their packaging to educate customers about the chemicals that make a cannabis experience tick.

Terpenes aren’t only found in cannabis, they’re present in all kinds of plants. Myrcene is a terpene cannabis shares with other plants such as hops, lemon-grass, basil and most mangoes. Myrcene is named from a plant in Brazil named Myrcia sphaerocarpa, per This terpene has been shown in scientific studies to have numerous medicinal effects, as well as varying effects depending on the dosage.

Through studies conducted on mice, heavy doses of myrcene resulted in strong sedative effects while light doses gave the mice an energetic/tonic effect. Sometimes these results do correlate with cannabis strains. Many indica strains like 9lb Hammer are known for putting users down and it contains high amounts of myrcene. Myrcene has gained the nickname “the couch-lock” terpene.

Strains With Mango/Myrcene

Mango Haze | Purple Mango

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