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Why You Should Order A Super Silver Haze Sugar Cone From Oleum

Super Silver Haze is a common sativa strain and a user favorite for sure. Golden Tree’s strain has a skunky aroma that hits you in the face. Smelling it and getting a feel for the strain you notice a nutty, berry aroma that reminded me of trail mix. Oleum Extracts packed their Super Silver Haze with […]

Classic Cannabis Strain Recommendations For Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is the pre-Thanksgiving celebration you have with all your old friends; when you’re all gathered in your hometown for the holidays. Bring one of these classic cannabis strains home to get the party started; while you all reminisce about the poor choices you made as a teenager. Dutch Berry From Artizen Artizen’s Dutch Berry is […]

Learn More About Why People Are Using Quartz Inserts

Quartz inserts are a clever way to preload concentrates in quartz buckets for easy low-temperature dabs that save expensive quartz bangers. Many types of quartz are extremely high quality and cost as much money as some dab rigs do. Quave Club Bangers are a type of craft quartz banger made in Seattle. Craft quartz is more […]

What Makes Refine Seattle Dank? Great Producer Collaborations

Refine Seattle uses their proprietary cannabis oil extraction methods to create loud resin and partners with the states best producers for the best starting material. Refine specializes in cannabis extraction and cannabis extraction only. Cannabis farmers line up for Refine to blast their flower into some of the states most popular cannabis oil. Refine started […]